Talkfever social media limited

 What to remember???
Beginning at Mehandipur Balaji
Day of name approval, Tuesday
Duniyan mangal par jane ki soch rahi hai hum Bharat me mangal layenge.

Be passionate to capture the world.

Shiva Kirar CEO n MD talkfever
 Big news
Congratulations to all core team members and all user friends,
Talkfever social media limited name is approved by registrar of companies (ROC) with authorized capital of 2 crore.

By the year 2020 we have set our target to be listed company in stock exchange of India.

Keep patience and stay tuned. after registration we will announce a vibrant opportunity to the already registered user who are atleast having their upgraded account in green or global status.

The opportunity will be limited to those users who are upgraded before the date of incorporation.

To be the first person in vibrant opportunity, make sure that you are upgraded and active user.

If not upgraded so far, then do it now at the old price till today.

New tariff will start from today evening with email verification process.

Once again congratulations to all

Shiva Kirar CEO n MD talkfever
दोस्तों अपडेट यह की हमारी कंपनी को ROC से *talkfever social media limited*  कम्पनी के नाम का approval मिल गया है
*2करोड़ की केपिटल के साथ*
12मई को कोर टीम की मीटिंग में बाकि फॉर्मेल्टीज हो जायेगी उसके कुछ दिन बाद ही हम एक *पब्लिक लिमिटेड कम्पनी* बन जायेंगे

तथा *2020 तक हम स्टॉक मार्केट (NSE, BSE) में भी लिस्ट हो जाएंगे* तब आम आदमी भी हमारा शेयर खरीद पायेगा

*Don't forget Talkfever greatest opportunity*
: Registration की प्रक्रिया पूर्ण होने के बाद ग्रीन और ग्लोबल यूजर को कुछ खास opportunity दी जायेगी
 जो अभी तक अपग्रेड नहीं हुए है वो आज शाम तक पुरानी दरों पर ही अपग्रेड हो सकते है
शाम से email वेरिफिकेशन और नई दरे लागु हो जायेगी

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